Botanical Rising
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Welcome to the Garden!

My Name is Brooke and i’m the owner and creator behind Botanical Rising - an online oasis for handmade goods and marketing services for a heightened aesthetic. I live in the Berkshires of Ma and tucked in between these beautiful mountains is where i design & print my clothing and get digitally creative. Capturing botany is my true joy and one plant in specific has my heart forever…*cough cough.*

I strive to create beautiful and sustainable garments, capture striking photography, grow thriving plants, and help build stronger brands via emotion based marketing. At the core of my business, the main focuses are to build genuine connections, create an open environment for learning/sharing, and showing botany, Cannabis specifically, in her most graceful light.

Botanical Rising is a piece of me, a combination of all my passions under one name; presented to you in the form of tangibles and visuals. Each article printed has my energy and each photo, my spirit. Thank you for taking the time to read this and support me. Even if you cannot purchase a garment or marketing service - simply sharing the word about my new brand baby, interacting online, or taking a few moments in this fast paced world, to read my words and view my art keeps the manifestation going and the flowers blooming.

With all my heart - Brooke