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Cannabis X Botanical Rising

Oh Cannabis, you beautiful healing plant you. So special you deserve a section all your own. Botanical Rising was built while on a mission to show this plant in her most graceful light and in turn, soften others perception of her. Enjoy some images i’ve shot that make my heart beat a bit faster.

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Sativa Science Club x Botanical Rising

The very first company to come to me with the opportunity to create commissioned imagery was Sativa Science Club. They are a company i hold dear to my heart and i’m forever grateful for the opportunity of working with them. Check out some of the divine work i’ve done for their social media and phenomenal Educational Program.

their insta: @sativa_science_club

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L.A Lifestyle Co. X Botanical Rising

I’ve done quite a few commissioned shoots for this wonderful grinder and lifestyle company. Below is a personally picked collection of all my favs.

Their insta :

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Health Naturally X Botanical Rising

cant. . . type. . .applying their. . . . hemp salve. Haha i crack myself up but honestly, i’m fully obsessed with their balms and roll ons. They came to me for some online product shots and as an expanding business, months later she asked me to take some identical photos of the new products. Can you tell which is the newest product? i didn’t think so ;)

their insta : healthnaturally_hemp